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    Draeger 6405300 CMS Analyzer Set with Data Recorder - Product Specific Information

    Includes Analyzer, 4 AA Alkaline Batteries and 3mm Allen Wrench

    Product Group Information for the: CHIP-MEASUREMENT-SYSTEM (CMS) DRÄGER

    The Dräger CMS is a portable system based on colorimetric reactions for short-term or spot measurements of known gases and vapors. The system consists of a substance-specific chip and an analyzer, which displays the measurement result as a digital readout. The calibrated chip contains 10 measurements, and the analyzer is equipped with an integrated data recorder.

    CMS Analyzer Set with Data Recorder, Draeger 6405300. Unit of measure: EACH. Quantity: 1.

    CMS Analyzer By Dräger - The New Electronic Detector Tubes! - Accurate gas measurements are made easier with the Dräger CMS.

    This new generation spot-check detection device is literally as easy as 1-2-3 to operate. Simply insert one of the 55 chemical specific Dräger-CMS-Chips into the Analyzer and follow the instructions on the display as to when to move the slide switch. TWA levels are typically analyzed in 1-2 minutes. Upon completion of this process, the concentration is indicated on the LCD display.

    CMS: Chip Measurement System The CMS combines substance specific measuring Chips with an electronic based Analyzer for an easy to use spot-measurement system. The 10 capillaries in each Chip are filled with a reagent system based on Draeger’s 60+ years of colorimetric chemistry expertise. The analyzer combines a revolutionary optical system for analyzing the color reaction with a mass flow controller and pump system that provides unbeatable reproducibility.

    Fast Response Times The CMS Analyzer requires no warm-up time. After taking a test, the results can be reported as quickly as 20 seconds. Higher concentrations, which pose a greater hazard, are reported faster than trace background levels. This increases the safety of using the CMS system. TWA and action levels are typically analyzed within 1-2 minutes. After providing the measurement results, the CMS is immediately ready for another test or another Chip for further analysis of the environment.

    Unequalled Accuracy The expertise of Draeger’s worldwide experience in industrial gas measurement has come to focus in the CMS. This is combined with a photo-optical controller that measures the speed of the chemical reaction, thus eliminating the human objectivity. Unlike other systems that rely on the volume of air, the CMS pulls the same mass of air through the capillary every time. The mass flow controller automatically compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure. Accuracies of +/- 4 to 7% of measured value is achieved for most gases. CMS has been validated by a nationally accredited third party laboratory.

    Chemical Specific Chips When you need to know exactly what is there, CMS is the tool to provide those answers. The chemistry is chosen to provide the best results possible. The capillaries of several chips have multiple levels (Yes, even in something that small!) to help eliminate cross sensitivity or derive a specific measurement of the targeted chemical.

    The CMS Chip The Chip consists of 10 measurement capillaries filled with substance-specific reagent systems. The gas type, part number and batch number are printed on the chip. A printed barcode on the chip, read by the analyzer optics, contains information about gas type, measuring range and measuring time required for completing the measurement. Each chip is calibrated during manufacturing and is valid for two years.

    Simplified Operation The CMS is literally as easy to operate as 1-2-3. Making an analysis is as simple as turning the unit’’on’’ (moving the slide to position 1), then following the plain language instructions on the display to load the Chip and move the slide selector to positions 2 and 3. Operating the CMS couldn’t be easier because this is the exact same procedure for every Chip! Upon completion of the analysis, the CMS Analyzer shows the concentration in the display. Any misinterpretation of the results is eliminated by the unambiguous digital display of the concentration.

    Simplified Maintenance The CMS Analyzer does not require gas calibration! All calibration information is stored on the bar code of the CMS Chip and automatically downloaded to the analyzer when inserted. An electronic system self test is performed every time the Analyzer is switched ON, and a sampling system test is performed before each test. You are always assured that the CMS system is operating properly. Operating on alkaline batteries means that there are no worries about charging or battery memory. CMS is gas detection made simple.

    DataRecorder The internal datarecorder stores up to fifty measurements with the time/date, contaminant/concentration and the sequential number of the measurement in a series. Measurement location information (in alphabetical code) may be entered manually. The stored data can be recalled and displayed on demand.

    Specifications Size 8.0 x 3.6 x 1.7 in. (205 x 92 x 45 mm) Weight 25.6 oz. (730 gr.) Ingress Protection IP-54, protected against dust and water Data Capacity Stores up to 50 measurements Power Supply 4 x 1.5 Volt (AA) alkaline batteries Battery Duration 450 minutes of analysis time (typically greater than 100 measurements)

    Approvals UL: Class I, Division 1, Groups A-D, T4 CSA: Class I, Division 1, Groups A-D, T4 CENELEC: EEx ib IIC T4 MSHA (Permissible Gas Analyzer) Operational Temp. 32-104°F (0-40°C)

    Order Information CMS Analyzer with Data Recorder 6405300 Remote System 6405060 Telescopic Probe (requires remote system) 8313025 Nylon Transport Case 4594631 Molded Plastic Transport Case 4056442 Leather Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap for Analyzer 6405080 Leather Carrying Case for Chips 6405090

    Unit of Measure: EA

    Return & Cancellation Policy:  Due to concerns of viruses and contaminants being transferred by reversing the supply chain, returns can not be accepted for any reason. Also, once placed, orders for products relating to the current pandemic may not may not be cancelled, returned, or refunded, at the direction of the individual factories.

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