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CARRYING STRAP FOR R53205, Draeger R53783

CARRYING STRAP FOR R53205, Draeger R53783
    Catalog # DRAEGER-R53783
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    Unit of measure: 1

    Dräger Parat® C

    In today?s environment, the PARAT C can be donned in seconds . . . when seconds count.

    The PARAT C is a lightweight, portable easy to don smoke escape hood designed for self-rescue in the event of a fire. The PARAT C protects the wearer for a minimum of 15 minutes from smoke, carbon monoxide and toxic gases normally present during a fire. It is ideal as a personal escape device which can be used in emergency situations occurring in homes, office or apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, plant facilities and hotels.


    • EN403 approved - 3rd party testing and approval means you can put your trust in this product.
    • Dräger has over 25 years experience of manufacturing and producing fire/smoke escape hoods.
    • Current customer markets include local municipalities, aviation/aircraft, offshore drilling operations, fire service, utilities, medical facilities, etc.


    • Hood made from flame-retardant, self-extinguishing PVC material, flash tested at 1,200ø F.
    • Bright orange hood with high visibility and excellent reflective properties • One universal size.
    • Can be worn with glasses and long hair.
    • Large visor treated with anti-fogging agent provides wide range of vision for quick escape.
    • Elastic collar makes hood easy to don and adjust.
    • Comfortable, soft, inner mask allows wearer to breath normally through nose or mouth and reduces CO2 build-up.
    • Perfect for frequent travelers.
    • Official test documentation from an independent laboratory for protection from H2S.

    Test Data

    Test Gas Carbon Monoxide, Test Concentration PPM 2500, Breakthrough PPM 200, Minutes to Breakthrough: >15.
    Test Gas Acrolein, Test Concentration PPM 100, Breakthrough PPM 0.5, Minutes to Breakthrough: >15.
    Test Gas Hydrogen Cyanide, Test Concentration PPM 400, Breakthrough PPM 10, Minutes to Breakthrough: >15.
    Test Gas Hydrogen Chloride, Test Concentration PPM 1000, Breakthrough PPM 5, Minutes to Breakthrough: >15.
    Test Gas Hydrogen Sulfide 2500 5 120.
    Test Gas Hydrogen Sulfide, Test Concentration PPM 2500, Breakthrough PPM 5, Minutes to Breakthrough: >120.
    Testing performed at 30 liters per minute (1 cubic foot), constant flow at 68 øF and 70% relative humidity.

    Technical Data

    Dimensions (soft pack) 5.5 x 3 x 7.5 inches (14 x 7.6 x 19 centimeters).
    Weight (soft pack) 1.3 pounds (600 g).
    Shelf Life 12 years in original packaging, filter replacement after 6 years

    Order Information Description Order No.

    PARAT C in yellow, soft vinyl package R 53 555.
    PARAT C in hard plastic case R 52 818.
    PARAT C Twin Pack, wall mounted R 52 845.
    Wall mount bracket for R52818 R 51 906.
    Belt carrying strap for R52818 or R53555 R 53 205.
    Replacement filter 67 36 192.
    Rebuild kit, includes filter and exhalation valve kit 40 57 753.

    Unit of Measure: EA

    Return & Cancellation Policy:  Due to concerns of viruses and contaminants being transferred by reversing the supply chain, returns can not be accepted for any reason. Also, once placed, orders for products relating to the current pandemic may not may not be cancelled, returned, or refunded, at the direction of the individual factories.

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