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    Catalog # MSA-501443
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    RCD® (Remote Connect/Disconnect) System By MSA P/N 501443

    Principles of Operation By using the strap tool the user can install the anchorage connector strap to an approved overhead anchorage point. By using the connect/disconnect tool the user can attach any lifeline with an RL20 snaphook to the overhead anchorage connector strap, use the same tool to remove the lifeline from the overhead anchorage and then to remove the anchorage connector strap.

    Approvals & Standards

    Meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards.

    Applications Agriculture, Asbestos Abatement, Chemical, Construction, Domestic Preparedness, Electric Utility, Hazardous Materials, HVAC, Medical, Mining, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Paper & Pulp, Sand Blasting, Sanding & Grinding, Spray Painting, Water/Wastewater, Welding, Hazards, Falling From Heights.

    Product Information Used to secure an anchorage connector strap and install a personal fall arrest system to a qualified overhead anchorage point from ground level. Enables the user to reach anchor points up to 20' overhead. Consists of a 15' telescoping pole, an anchorage connector strap, a strap tool and a connect/disconnect tool.

    Country of Origin: USA

    GTIN: 4032792246263

    Unit of Measure: EA

    MSA-0002300013 MSA-RCD-System MSA-All-Products miva-test