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    Catalog # MSA-415108
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    Lanyard - Positioning or Restraint, 4 Foot Fixed x 5/8 Nylon, 2 - RL 20 Self-Locking Snaphooks, 47337, By MSA Item# 415108

    Product Information; Lanyard - Positioning or Restraint, 4 Foot Fixed x 5/8 Nylon, 2 - RL 20 Self-Locking Snaphooks, 47337, By MSA Item# 415108. Performs a tethering function which restricts movement and can arrest a user’s fall. Consists of a short, flexible line of synthetic rope, steel rope or synthetic webbing which generally has connectors (hooks) on both ends.

    Principles of Operation; Connects the user’s body harness or waistbelt to a stationary or mobile anchorage/anchorage connector for fall arrest, work restriction and work positioning. Short in length, manufactured with high quality, high tensile strength webbing, rope or steel cable, with connecting hardware fitted on the ends. Available in standard and adjustable lengths..

    Applications; Agriculture, Asbestos Abatement, Chemical, Construction, Electric Utility, Hazardous Materials, Mining, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Paper & Pulp, Sand Blasting, Spray Painting, Welding, Hazards, Confined Space, Falling From Heights.

    Approvals & Standards; Meets or exceeds all applicable ANSI standards or OSHA regulations.

    Importand Note; Fall ARREST SYSTEMS- A fall arrest system is an assembly of components and subsystems, including the necessary connectors, used to arrest the user in a fall from a working height and suspend the user until rescue can be effected. A fall arrest system must always include the harness and connecting means between the harness and an anchorage or anchorage connector. Such connecting means may consist of a lanyard, energy (shock) absorber, fall arrester (rope grab), lifeline, self-retracting lanyard or suitable combinations of these. The harness is designed for use by one person with a combined total weight no greater than 310 pounds (140 kg), including clothing, tools, and other user-borne objects. Please feel free to contact us, Toll Free or via Email at; besafe@thesafetyequipmentstore.com , should you need assistance or have questions regarding this product or any issue.

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