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Rental - The Safety Equipment Store® offers Dräger Gas Detection & Respiratory Protection Rental

Rental & Onsite Services

Rental & Onsite Services

From basic daily equipment rental to comprehensive long-term needs, The Safety Equipment Store® and Dräger offer a wide variety of rental services and onsite safety solutions designed to optimize your processes—leaving you free to focus on your core business. Equipment rental enables you to save on initial capital investments and eliminate ongoing ownership costs related to maintenance and equipment management.

For shutdowns, turnarounds, or similar large-scale projects, we can provide onsite safety support to manage the safety equipment so your focus can be where it needs to be during major events. Dräger’s flexible equipment rental management options can be set up onsite to manage your rental inventory.

For more information contact The Safety Equipment Store: 1-888-810-9381, or Email Us at: besafe@thesafetyequipmentstore.com

Onsite Services and Solutions


From gas detection and personal/ fall protection to breathing air products, Dräger can provide equipment you need onsite—for one day or for the longer term.


To manage the large quantities of safety equipment required at short notice for shutdown, turnaround, or similar large-scale projects, Dräger’s Safety Store can be set up onsite. This easy system for equipment sign-out ensures 24-hour availability of safety stock with full service support.


Dräger’s Rental Robot is a customizable system that helps optimize efficiencies and onsite safety, providing on-demand access to fully serviced equipment at central supply points located at your facility.


Dräger’s expansive global experience in equipping your plant with the necessary industrial safety equipment and preventive measures can help reduce the likelihood of safety incidents.