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MSA XTIRPA™ Counter Weight System

Use for confined space vertical entry and fall protection when portable base is needed.

Counter Weight Systems are portable anchorage connectors used for vertical entry into confined spaces. The Counter Weight System is to be used with the Counter Weight Base for counterbalance. The Counter Weight System is ideal for movement and access between various confined space entry points in the same area.

Weight Capacity 360 lbs. (163 kg) as pictured with Workman® Rescuer.

Required System Components

• Davit Arm IN-2237.
• 4" Mast with 42" Height IN-2240, or 4" Mast with 60" Height IN-2313.
• T-Base Extension 72" A2305-16.
• Universal T-Base for 4" Mast IN-2305.
• 50 lb. Weight Plates P2305-016N (Qty: 40).
• Rescuer SRL such as 10158178 and corresponding attachment bracket such as IN-2404

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