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Draeger 4058944, PARTICLE FILTER, P100 X-PLORE, PAIR

Draeger 4058944, PARTICLE FILTER, P100 X-PLORE, PAIR
    Catalog # DRAEGER-4058944
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    Cartridge - Dräger X-plore® P100 Fit Testing Filters , for X-plore®: 3300, 3500, 5500 Series Respirators, Price per Pair, Draeger 6738012

    Cartridge - Dräger P100 X-plore® Fit Testing Filters , for X-plore®: 3200, 3300, 5500 Series Respirators, Price per Pair, Draeger 6738012

    Product Information; Dräger X-plore® Twinfilter Series

    Experience a new dimension of comfort and safety in respiratory protection: The Dräger X-plore® Twinfilter Series. Bearing in mind today’s requirements for modern PPE, Dräger Safety has worked together with users from industry and the skilled professions to develop a new line of twin-filter respirators. It combines very successfully practicality of use with comfort. The use of new materials coupled with modern, attractive design guarantees maximum comfort and user acceptance.

    Features and Benefits; The new Dräger X-plore® filter range with a Dräger-specific bayonet connection offers many benefits:

    • practical and comfortable - extensive range for all major applications
    • fits Dräger X-plore® half masks X-plore® 3300/3500 and Dräger full face masks X-plore® 5500
    • magenta particulate P100 filter housing for easy identification
    • option to upgrade a gas cartridge to a combination cartridge by simply adding a pad retrainer and a N 95 or R 95 pad
    • also for use under visors high level of user safety
    • easy and safe handling
    • certified acc. to NIOSH 42 CFR 84
    • strong blue ABS plastic housing
    • safe, quick and easy bayonet connection with clear guidance bringing the filter/cartridge securely into place
    • both filters are attached with a topdown motion for to resist uncoupling
    • filter selection help program
    • over 70 years’ experience in respiratory filter technology very economical
    • packaged in pairs for optimum protection of the unused filter
    • instructions for use packaged with each pair
    • shelflife (from date of production): gas and combination cartridges 6 years, particulate filters 12 years, pads 3 years
    • reduced costs due to compatibility and add-on pad options

    Price Unit of measure: Each

    PARTICLE FILTER P100 X-PLORE PAIR, Draeger 4058944

    New: NEW

    Quantity per Standard Package: 1

    Unit of Measure: EA

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