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Draeger 4597107, Test gas, 100ppmCO,10ppmNO2,50%CH4,17%O2

Draeger 4597107, Test gas, 100ppmCO,10ppmNO2,50%CH4,17%O2
    Catalog # Draeger-4597107
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    Draeger 4597107, Combustible Gas Calibration Mixture, 50% LEL CH4, 100 ppm CO, 10 ppm NO2, 17% O2, Balance N2, 650 Liter, CGA660, 1500 PSI, 6 Month Maximum Shelf Life

    CAL GAS 100 PPM CO, 10 PPM NO2, 50% CH4, 17% O2, CAL GAS 100 PPM CO, 10 PPM NO2, 50% CH4, 17% O2, Draeger 4597107

    Dräger Calibration gas and accessories

    Calibration gas... Strictly to rule: For the safe operation of devices, applicable regulations and statutory provisions are to be met and complied with. Therefore, regular calibrations and function tests are necessary. Available for that are different systems, which meet a wide range of calibration requirements.


    Single gas and mixtures of reliable quality

    Dräger provides single gases and gas mixtures of reliable, constant quality.

    Recyclable cylinders

    The gases are supplied in small, light and recyclable disposable cylinders. Therefore, calibration tasks and function tests can easily be carried out in the workshop or on site.

    Tailor-made for Dräger gas measuring devices

    The Dräger calibration gases are specifically tailored to meet the requirements as of the gas measuring devices.

    HAZMAT Item: Yes

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1

    New: YES

    Quantity per Standard Package: 1

    Type: 4597107, Test gas, 100ppmCO, 10ppmNO2, 50%CH4, 17%O2

    Unit of Measure: EA

    DRAEGER-332 DRAEGER-953 Draeger-Combustible-Calibration-Gases Draeger-Safety-by-Material-Category hazltl