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Draeger 6733191, DT Carbon Monoxide 50/a-D

Draeger 6733191, DT Carbon Monoxide 50/a-D
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    Dräger Diffusion Tube, Carbon Monoxide 50/a-D, 50 to 600 ppm, 6 to 75 ppm, Draeger 6733191

    Draeger Diffusion Tube, Carbon Monoxide 50/a-D, Standard Range of Measurement (20 degrees C, 1013 hPa) 50 to 600 ppm, Standard Range of Measurement for Maximum Period of Use (20 degrees C, 1013 hPa) 6 to 75 ppm, Dräger 6733191

    Dräger Diffusion Tubes with Direct Indication

    Direct-reading Draeger diffusion tubes were developed especially for personal exposure monitoring.


    These systems do not require the use of a gas detector pump because the contaminant molecules pass into the tube by diffusion processes and in this manner are brought into contact with the reagent systems.

    TUBE CARBON MONOXIDE 50/A-D 6.3-75 PPM, Draeger 6733191

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    DRAEGER-321 DRAEGER-322 Draeger-Diffusion-Tubes Draeger-Safety-by-Material-Category