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GASTEC Polytec (Unknown Gas) Detector Tubes

Detector types that simultaneously identify multiple gases found in the operating environment. The GASTEC polytec system consists of the Model GV-100S Gas sampling pump and the Polytec tubes. The Polytec tubes are unique detector tubes, each having 1 to 8 reaction layers to determine multiple unknown substances in the sample simultaneously. When you pull the handle of the pump and wait for a predetermined sampling time, the colour (s) of the Polytec tube's layer (s) change uniquely according to the contents of the sample.

Six types of Polytec tubes are available: Polytec I (No.107), Polytec II (No.25), Polytec III (No.26), Polytec IV (No.27), Polytec V(No.28), and Qualitative analysis tube for fire investigation (No.108). Detailed descriptions are given in the instruction sheets included with individual Polytec tubes. If you already have the Model GV-100S gas sampling pump, you need only to obtain the desired Polytec tubes.