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Draeger 6738350, X-plore Pure P100

Draeger 6738350, X-plore Pure P100
    Catalog # Draeger-6738350
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    Particulate Filter, X-plore® Pure P100. Protection: Oil & Solid Particulates, Mul 20, Dräger 6738350.

    DRAEGER 6738350, PARTICULATE FILTER, X-PLORE® PURE P100, OIL & SOLID PARTICULATES, (MUL 20). For X-plore® Half Face Mask and Full Face Mask, Respirators.

    Price Unit of measure: 1, (MUL 20), Sold 20 per box.

    Dräger X-plore® Particulate Filters

    Where dusts or aerosols arise a particulate filter provides perfect respiratory protection. Since filters are divided into different classes, the particulate of concern, and sometimes the concentration level, must be identified in advance. In addition, certain "hazardous" particles may require a higher filter rating to be used. Some filters utilize an activated carbon impregnated into the media to protect against nuisance levels of vapors and gases. The filter classes are as follows:

    Filter Class - Meaning.

    • N non-oil resistant not for use in atmospheres containing oil.
    • R oil resistant cannot use longer than 480 min, or one work shift, in atmospheres containing oil.
    • P oil proof can be reused in atmospheres containing oil.

    Efficiency Rating.

    95%, 99%, 99.97% (100) - when tested against particles 0.3 microns in size.

    Draeger X-plore® Pure Filter:

    Low-Profile Particulate Filters
    • Light-weight and flexible.
    • Teardrop shape provides unrestricted view.
    • Low-profile design allows fit under visors.
    • Large surface area permits long service life with low breathing resistance.
    • Can be used alone or in combination with gas cartridges.
    • Nuisance odor1 version available for control against organic vapors/acid gases.

    Particulate Filter Pads
    • Versatile use: can be used alone or in combination with gas cartridges. • Economic solution for frequent filter replacement.

    Course Particulate Filter Pads
    • A unique pre-filter used to extend the life of our combination cartridges. • Removes heavy particulates before entering the P100 filter.


    Filter Type - Filter Class - Qty/Bx - Part No.
    Draeger X-plore Pure - P100 - 20 - 6738350.
    Draeger X-plore Pure Odor - P100 - OV/AG - 20 - 6738392.
    Particulate Filter with housing - P100 - 22 - 6738012.
    Particulate Filter Pad - N95 - 20 - 6738020, R95 - 20 - 6738021.
    Course Pre-Filter - Pad Not Rated - 40 - 6738159.

    1At levels below the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL).

    New: New

    Quantity per Standard Package: 80

    Type: 6738350, X-plore Pure P100

    Unit of Measure: EA

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