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Draeger R51906, PARAT C/4500 wall holder (f. trav.-pack)

Draeger R51906, PARAT C/4500 wall holder (f. trav.-pack)
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    Dräger Parat® C

    In today's environment, the PARAT C can be donned in seconds . . . when seconds count.

    The PARAT C is a lightweight, portable easy to don smoke escape hood designed for self-rescue in the event of a fire. The PARAT C protects the wearer for a minimum of 15 minutes from smoke, carbon monoxide and toxic gases normally present during a fire. It is ideal as a personal escape device which can be used in emergency situations occurring in homes, office or apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, plant facilities and hotels.


    • EN403 approved - 3rd party testing and approval means you can put your trust in this product.
    • Dräger has over 25 years experience of manufacturing and producing fire/smoke escape hoods.
    • Current customer markets include local municipalities, aviation/aircraft, offshore drilling operations, fire service, utilities, medical facilities, etc.


    • Hood made from flame-retardant, self-extinguishing PVC material, flash tested at 1,200ø F.
    • Bright orange hood with high visibility and excellent reflective properties • One universal size.
    • Can be worn with glasses and long hair.
    • Large visor treated with anti-fogging agent provides wide range of vision for quick escape.
    • Elastic collar makes hood easy to don and adjust.
    • Comfortable, soft, inner mask allows wearer to breath normally through nose or mouth and reduces CO2 build-up.
    • Perfect for frequent travelers.
    • Official test documentation from an independent laboratory for protection from H2S.

    Test Data

    Test Gas Carbon Monoxide, Test Concentration PPM 2500, Breakthrough PPM 200, Minutes to Breakthrough: >15.
    Test Gas Acrolein, Test Concentration PPM 100, Breakthrough PPM 0.5, Minutes to Breakthrough: >15.
    Test Gas Hydrogen Cyanide, Test Concentration PPM 400, Breakthrough PPM 10, Minutes to Breakthrough: >15.
    Test Gas Hydrogen Chloride, Test Concentration PPM 1000, Breakthrough PPM 5, Minutes to Breakthrough: >15.
    Test Gas Hydrogen Sulfide 2500 5 120.
    Test Gas Hydrogen Sulfide, Test Concentration PPM 2500, Breakthrough PPM 5, Minutes to Breakthrough: >120.
    Testing performed at 30 liters per minute (1 cubic foot), constant flow at 68 øF and 70% relative humidity.

    Technical Data

    Dimensions (soft pack) 5.5 x 3 x 7.5 inches (14 x 7.6 x 19 centimeters).
    Weight (soft pack) 1.3 pounds (600 g).
    Shelf Life 12 years in original packaging, filter replacement after 6 years

    Order Information Description Order No.

    PARAT C in yellow, soft vinyl package R 53 555.
    PARAT C in hard plastic case R 52 818.
    PARAT C Twin Pack, wall mounted R 52 845.
    Wall mount bracket for R52818 R 51 906.
    Belt carrying strap for R52818 or R53555 R 53 205.
    Replacement filter 67 36 192.
    Rebuild kit, includes filter and exhalation valve kit 40 57 753.

    New: New

    Quantity per Standard Package: 1

    Type: R51906, PARAT C/4500 wall holder (f. trav.-pack)

    Unit of Measure: EA

    DRAEGER-932 Draeger-Safety-by-Material-Category