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Dräger Diffusion Tubes

Get on-site measurements of 8-hour exposures with the Dräger Diffusion Tubes. This gas and vapor measurement technique provides a quick, simple, and on-site means to determine employee exposures. Unlike Short-Term detector tubes that require a pump for operation, Dräger Diffusion Tubes rely on natural movement of the gases and vapors to enter the tube and cause a color change. Simply read the indication on the graduated scale (ppm x hours) and divide by the amount of hours the Dräger Diffusion Tube has been in use for a TWA measurement. No waiting, no analysis fees, no laboratory services, no turn-around time; just on the spot measurement. The Dräger Tube Holder allows you to place the Dräger Diffusion Tube in the breathing zone of the people being monitored or in the suspected areas.