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GfG Wall Mounted Filter Panels - For Respirable Air - With & Without 4021 Monitor

• 25, 50 and 100 CFM wall mounted filter panels - With or Without 4021 Monitor.
• Continuous carbon monoxide (CO) monitor for compressed air (if specified).
• Optional low hydrogen interference CO sensor (add “-H” to part number).
• Integrated dew point measurement (if specified).
• Meets OSHA monitoring requirements for grade D breathing air (if specified with monitor).
• AutoCal® automatic calibration (if specified with monitor).
• Available in or CSA marked models.
• Dryer control relays (DPX model only).
• User-adjustable alarm points (if specified with monitor).
• Dry contacts for remote horn and lights.
• Internal, case-mounted horn.
• LCD display.
• NEMA 4X housing.
• Optional 3 stage filtering for up to 8 users.

Standard Accessories:

• RAM 4021 Monitor (if specified with monitor).
• Standard carbon monoxide (CO) or optional low H2 interference (CO-H ) sensor. Other sensors (as specified).
• Manual.