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MSA ALTAIR® Single & Two Gas Detectors and Accessories

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The ALTAIR® Single-Gas Detectors

featuring sensor options for carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen will operate for over two years. This long lifespan, coupled with the unit’s high performance, results in one of the most cost-effective monitors on the market. Advanced design offers superior dust and water protection and high resistance to RFI. A rubberized housing and one-button operation provide the durability and ease of use users expect from MSA instruments. The triple-alarm system featuring two bright LEDs, a piercing audible alarm, and a vibrating alarm ensures that no alarm condition goes unnoticed.
The ALTAIR® Detector automatically records the last 25 alarm and test events. To read data or change alarm set points simply connect the unit to an MSA infrared adapter using the built-in IR communication port.

Innovative ALTAIR® Pro

toxic gas and oxygen detectors are based on the design of the very popular ALTAIR® Single-Gas Detector, but with added features and functionality. These detectors accurately measure the gas concentration or percent oxygen (depending on model) and display this information on a large, clear, backlit LCD. The ALTAIR® Pro Single-Gas Detector features superior dust and water protection, excellent impact resistance, great RFI performance, and an extremely effective alarm system. Adjustable alarm set points are offered for LOW and HIGH levels on all units. In addition, the toxic gas versions also have TWA and STEL alarm points. A distinct alarm is indicated by two bright flashing LEDs, a piercing audible alarm, a flashing notification on the LCD, and an internal vibrating alarm, helping to ensure that no alarm condition will go by unnoticed. With current sensor options for CO, H2S or O2, the ALTAIR® Pro Single-Gas Detector will provide worry-free performance and stand up to the roughest handling in even the toughest industrial environments. The sensors and battery can easily be replaced to keep the unit performing perfectly for years. Its rubberized armor housing and one-button operation provide the durability and simplicity you expect. The ALTAIR® Pro Single-Gas Detector is designed and built with MSA’s superior quality and is part of the MSA STELLAR® Series, which features a varied selection of single-gas and multigas instruments.

The ALTAIR QuickCheck Station

uses several tests to make sure ALTAIR and ALTAIR Pro Detectors are fully ready for action. The station administers a bump test to make sure the detector responds to a specified concentration of gas. The station also uses a microphone and electronic check to ensure the detector's audible, visual and vibrating alarms are good to go. With easy-to-understand LEDs, the QuickCheck Station tells a user which test is being administered and whether the detector passed or failed. Features & Benefits
- Station administers a bump test and uses a microphone and electronic check to ensure a detector is ready for action
- Station is compatible with all 3 ALTAIR Detector versions (CO, H2S & O2) and with ALTAIR Pro O2, H2S, CO, CO Fire and CO Steel detectors
- Station comes in manual and automatic versions
- Easy-to-see LEDs give simple-to-understand test results.

The ALTAIR® 2X Gas Detector

Introducing the ALTAIR® 2X gas detector from MSA; the first one or two gas detectorthat incorporates industry-leading XCell Sensor Technology to deliver unparalleledperformance while drastically minimizing total cost of ownership, increasing durabilityand delivering enhanced worker safety, compliance and traceability.The ALTAIR® 2X is also the first portable gas detector to introduce revolutionary XCellPulse Technology. Based on proven science and advanced patented sensor capabilities,the ALTAIR® 2XP detector delivers the world’s first stand-alone bump test. this allowsa daily bump test to be performed without the need for calibration accessories orspecific calibration gas.

ALTAIR® 2XP Gas Detector – with XCell Pulse Technology

First stand-alone bump test! The ALTAIR® 2XP gas detector provides a bump test that is so easy to follow,anyone can do it, from anywhere! The science behind this first-of-its-kindtechnology will change the face of portable gas detection as we know it.by combining pulse sensor interrogation with a simple flow check, we’ve createdthe first successful stand-alone bump test. Pulse sensor interrogation begins,exhale into the unit. And the result? You’re BUMPED!

ALTAIR® 2XT – Two-Tox Gas Detector

the ALTAIR® 2XT detector eliminates the need for a second detector by utilizingproven XCell two-tox Sensors. XCell two-tox Sensors detect two gases on distinctsensor channels with digital output that minimizes cross channel interference.

ALTAIR® 2x – Single Gas Detector

revolutionized gas detection with XCell Sensor technology. by miniaturizingthe sensors’ controlling electronics and placing them inside the sensor itself usingmSa’s proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design, XCellSensors offer superior stability, accuracy, and sensor life.