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Draeger 6525960, Dräger Aerotest Navy, Simultan HP+P Complete, Includes Draeger-Tubes®, tube opener, measuring device for tubes, timer, HP pressure reducer, CGA 347 male and female adapters, accuro® Pump and spare parts kit, carrying case, and instruction booklet.

Dräger 6525960 Aerotest Navy, Simultan HP+P Complete, Tubes, Case, Pressure Reducer, Adapter, Acces
    Catalog # Draeger-6525960
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    Aerotest Kit - Simultan HP+P Complete, (AEROTEST NAVY) 4 gases in military/diving applications @ <4500 psi. By Draeger, P/N 6525960

    Dräger Aerotest® Navy
    Specially designed to meet the requirements of the Navy, the Dräger Aerotest® Navy is used to monitor the purity of breathing air in the high pressure range.

    Tested breathing air
    Using the Dräger Aerotest Navy, it is possible to determine the quality of the breathing air which is supplied by a compressor or a compressed gas cylinder (up to a maximum pressure of 4500 psi). By means of the test system, the reliable testing of the breathing air is ensured according to the US navy standard.

    Pollutant detection and measurement
    The Dräger Aerotest Navy determines the quantity of various potential pollutants: It is possible to reliably determine carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor and oil in the compressed air either individually or simultaneously. Specifically adjusted to the different fields of application of the navy, this test system also measures the oxygen concentration of between 5% and 23% volume.

    Fast and easy to use
    The measuring device requires no power or tools; all connections are done by hand tightening. The device is connected via a CGA 347 connector or a 0.825 14 NGO Rh EXT connector to the high pressure compressed air system.

    Always ready for use
    All components of the Dräger Aerotest Navy are arranged in a compact, convenient case and ready for use.

    Product Information:
    • HP Pressure Reducer.
    • Instruction Booklet.
    • Deluxe Tube Opener.
    • GCA 347 Male and Femail Adapters.
    • Sampling Manifold for 4 Dräger-Tubes.
    • Timer.
    • accuro®Pump & Spare Parts Kit.
    • 4 boxes Dräger-Tubes (Oil, CO, CO2, H2O vapor).
    • Deluxe Carrying Case.


    Aerotest Navy Part # 6525960


    Dräger-Tube® - Measuring Range - Part No.

    • Oil 10PN 5 mg/m3 8103111.
    • CO2 100/a-P 100-3,000 ppm 6728521.
    • CO 5/a-P 2.5-150 ppm 6728511.
    • H2O Vapor 20/a-P 20-500 mg/m3 8103061


    • Supply Pressure Maximum 4500 psi (300 bar).
    • Flow 0.2 L/min and 4.0 L/min.
    • Connection CGA 347 (female) connection to cylinder valve, CGA 347 (male) connection to compressor/filling station, (G 5/8” or INT).
    • Transport Case Length 16 in (400 mm).
    • Height 12 in (300 mm).
    • Depth 3.4 in (91 mm).
    • Weight Approx. 8.8 lbs (4 kg)

    Aerotest Kits Overview: Since 1937, when we introduced our first detector tube, Draeger has been the world leader in the detection and analysis of gases and vapors in the industrial workplace. Our leading edge technology has kept us in the forefront of advancements in monitoring breathing air in the high and low pressure ranges.

    Draeger has expanded its line of Aerotest products for a wide variety of applications. For low pressure compressed breathing air, Draeger still has the time-tested Aerotest Type A. To save time, Draeger has introduced the Aerotest Simultan Alpha. This product can simultaneously measure Oil, CO2, CO, and water vapor for low pressure units. For high pressure, the Aerotest Simultan HP can be used to simultaneously measure the same contaminants as the Alpha. A very similar application has been produced for the US navy called the Aerotest Navy. It meets the special requirements of the US Navy. Draeger has created a line of specialty Aerotest systems for the health care, utilities, beverage, and other industries. These include the MultiTest, Aerotest Light SF6, and Simultan Test CO2.

    All of the Aerotest systems provide fast and accurate results while still meeting the specifications of air purity standards. Standards such as CGA Grade D and E, DIN 3188, NFPA 1500, CSA Z180.1-M85 and EN12021 can be fulfilled.

    The Aerotest kits come with a certificate of conformance for either the flowmeter or the reducer’s flow rate depending on your particular kit.

    Aerotest Kit - Simultan HP+P Complete, (AEROTEST NAVY) 4 gases in military/diving applications @ <4500 psi. By Draeger, P/N 6525960.

    HAZMAT Item: No

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1

    New: YES

    Quantity per Standard Package: 1

    Type: 6525960, Aerotest Navy, compl.

    Unit of Measure: EA

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