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Adapter, Lateral Entry Flange, IX, XTIRPA™, MSA IN-2242

Adapter, Lateral Entry Flange, IX, XTIRPA™, MSA IN-2242
    Catalog # MSA-IN-2242
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    MSA IN-2242 XTIRPA™ Flange Adapter for Lateral Entry, for XTIRPA™ Pole Hoist System, Meets OSHA Regulations.

    Product Specific Information.

    • MSA 2242 Flange Adapter for Lateral Entry
    • Anchor point for vertical and horizontal entry with pole hoist system.
    • Can be used on round or square flange that can support 5000lbs as an anchor point.
    • Flange includes a snaphook.
    • Exisiting studs of the structure needed for attachment.
    • Meets OSHA Regulations.

    MSA XTIRPA™ Pole Hoist System - Product Group Information

    • MSA XTIRPA™ Pole Hoist System - Use for confined space vertical/horizontal entry and fall protection when portable base is needed.
    • Pole Hoist systems are portable anchorage connectors used for vertical and horizontal entry into confined spaces.
    • When attached to an anchor point, the Pole Hoist provides retrieval and fall protection when limited overhead clearance is present.
    • The Pole Hoist can also be configured for horizontal entry applications such as lifting, lowering, and fall protection.

    Required System Components

    • 48″-72″ Pole Hoist IN-2337 or 57″-102″ Pole Hoist IN-2338.
    • Adjustable T-Bar (size dependent on entry).
    • Anchorage Connector.
    • Rescuer SRL such as 10158178 and corresponding attachment bracket such as IN-2404.

    Weight Capacity

    • 360 lb (163 kg) as pictured with Workman Rescuer

    Features & Benefits MSA XTIRPA™ Pole Hoist System

    • Extremely light weight making it easily portable.
    • One person set up in just a few minutes.
    • Designed for horizontal & vertical confined space entry.

    Note: All system components must be purchased separately.

    Country of Origin: Canada

    GTIN: 641817100264

    Unit of Measure: EA

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