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Draeger 6810889, DraegerSensor XXS CO2

Draeger 6810889, DraegerSensor XXS CO2
    Catalog # Draeger-6810889
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    DrägerSensor XXS P/N 6810889, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), 0 - 5.0% Vol Range, 0.1% Vol Resolution, 1 Year Warranty, > 1.25 Year Expected Sensor Life

    • Description: DrägerSensor XXS Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
    • Measuring Range: 0 - 5.0% Vol.
    • Resolution: 0.1% Vol.
    • Warranty: 1 - Year, > 1.25 Year Expected.
    • Part Number: 6810889

    Used in: Dräger Pac 7000, Dräger X-am 5000, Dräger X-am 5600.

    DrägerSensor® XXS

    A small sensor - a giant step into the future: The new DrägerSensor XXS is remarkably compact, and boasts an even higher performance than the competition.

    Excellent long-term stability and short response times - Excellent long-term stability and short response times contribute to the user being rapidly and reliably warned about dangerous gases.

    Constant development - The continuing development of recognized electrochemical principles and a combination of new miniaturized design elements has made it possible to drastically reduce the volume and weight of the sensors.

    High sensitivity and improved gas selectivity - The DrägerSensor XXS stands out thanks to its high sensitivity and improved gas selectivity.

    Internal development - All the sensors are developed and manufactured by Dräger, ensuring the highest quality and top measurement performance. When used together with Dräger developed gas detection devices, the full performance of the sensors is realized.

    DRAGERSENSOR XXS CO2 0-5 VOL%, Draeger 6810889

    New: New

    Quantity per Standard Package: 1

    Type: 6810889, DraegerSensor XXS CO2

    Unit of Measure: EA

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