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Draeger 8317409, USB DIRA with USB cable

Draeger 8317409, USB DIRA with USB cable
    Catalog # Draeger-8317409
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    USB IR PC INTERFACE - To Download or Configure X-am 1100/1700/2000/5000/5100/5600/7000 Gas Monitors, Drager 8317409

    Product Information: USB IR PC INTERFACE - To Download or Configure X-am 1100/1700/2000 Gas Monitors, Drager 8317409

    USB IR PC INTERFACE P/N 8317409. Use cable to download an X-am 1100/1700/2000/5000/5100/5600/7000 Instruments to GasVision Data Management Software or configure with CC-Vision software. IR Block Snaps into 8318752 calibration PC Communication Cradle for use with X-am 1100/1700/2000 monitors. USB IR PC Interface is also compatible with MiniWarn and X-am 7000 monitors but do not order 8318752 calibration PC Communication Cradle.

    HAZMAT Item: No

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1

    New: YES

    Quantity per Standard Package: 1

    Type: 8317409, USB DIRA with USB cable

    Unit of Measure: EA

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