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DrägerSensor® Cat Ex 125, 0-100% LEL Measuring Range - 1% LEL Resolution, 3 Year Warranty, Draeger 6812950

DrägerSensor® Cat Ex 125, 0-100% LEL Measuring Range - 1% LEL Resolution, 3 Yr, Draeger 6812950
    Catalog # DRAEGER-6812950
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    DrägerSensor Cat Ex 2, P/N 6812950, 0-100% LEL Measuring Range - 1% LEL Resolution, 0-5 % Vol. Measuring Range - 0.1% Vol. Resolution, 3 Year Warranty, > 4 Year Expected Sensor Life

    • Description: DrägerSensor Cat Ex 125, P/N 6812950.
    • Measuring Range & Resolution: , 0-100% LEL Measuring Range - 1% LEL Resolution.
    • Warranty: 3 - Year, > 4 Year Expected Sensor Life.
    • Part Number: 6812950.
    • Used in: Dräger X-am 1700, X-am 2000 Series, X-am 5000 Series.

    Replacement Catalytic Combustible Sensors for Draeger Portable Gas Detectors

    Dräger catalytic sensors measure almost any explosive gas quickly and reliably. The sensors have over range protection in case of high gas concentrations, which burn out many competitive sensors.

    • Measures a wide range of combustible hydrocarbons.
    • Poison resistant design.
    • CatEx used in MiniWarn and Multiwarn II CatEx 2000 used in X-am 2000 Series, X-am 5000 Series.
    • CatEx2 used in PacEx 2 and X-am 3000.
    • Smart Cat Ex sensor used in X-am 7000.
    • CatEx sensor can be configured for PPM measurements.
    • Unambiguous measurement of LEL with thermal conductivity element, where available.
    • Can be configured with multiple calibrations, where available.

    Unit of measure: 1

    Drägersensor CatEx 125 PR, Draeger 6812950

    Unit of Measure: EA


    Return & Cancellation Policy:  Due to concerns of viruses and contaminants being transferred by reversing the supply chain, returns can not be accepted for any reason. Also, once placed, orders for products relating to the current pandemic may not may not be cancelled, returned, or refunded, at the direction of the individual factories.

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